m-images? Images? M images? What the hell does this mean?

What does this „m“ stands for? Maybe it was just a thought in the past, as m-images came to birth 2003, simply as a space to show some of my pictures in the web. My focus at that time was travel photography and landscape. It still is – in a way…

m stands for my (family) name: Madl. So it’s about my pictures. My view on the world (lat. mundi), things I see, things I want to show to the world.
The world as source. I did photography in more than 20 countries all around the world. I saw many famous sights – and I pictured them. I did postcards, as I call it. But this is not about it. I try to see that hidden places, the secrets, the underlying patterns, structures…

ng 3.jpgOST 2.jpgtrees 8.jpgsc 5.jpgdecay 2 (1).jpgw 2-c10.jpgrpl 2.jpgCS 1.jpgssy 3.jpgtz 2.jpgk 1.jpgf 1.jpg

m stands for mesmerizing. At least I was so fascinated, so interested that I couldn’t look away, couldn’t stop thinking about it – I had to capture the picture.

And with capturing – with taking a picture – the alchemy, the magic begins. With the pure act of taking a picture I start the transformation. The transformation into an image (an imago). I put my own feelings, my own view of the world into the act of taking the picture – and later into the act of selecting, re-working, selecting again.
Is it real? It is and it is not.
What is real? Did every someone captured the reality? Pictures are lying… they seduce, confuse, influence – manipulate?
So I do not claim any reality. I claim authenticity.
What I found worth to present is a part of a multi-step selection process, highly influenced by my wife, companion and curator Natasha.

The pictures tell a lot about me. I’m naked.